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Jane Finch, author, script-writer and children's book reviewer. Member International Thriller Writers, Inc.

I have always needed to write. I remember at school sneaking to the far end of the playing field at break times with paper and pen and just scribbling down short stories and poems. Now after twenty-five years working in English Law I am free to write and that's what I tend to do all day - together with reviewing other people's work and turning my hand to script-writing. You can explore my children's books and my adult books and also see some of the other books I have written. You can contact me via the contact page I would love to hear from you. All books are available on amazon and if you click on the Bookstore you can find out more by clicking on the book of interest.




Some people believe that miracles happen, perhaps once in a lifetime, or sometimes on a daily basis; others believe that amazing events are only coincidences. In this book, ordinary people open their hearts to recount miraculous episodes that have taken place in their lives. Some are life-changing, others are meeting a need, others are incredible answers to prayer.

If you do believe in miracles, this book will encourage you. If you do not believe, perhaps this book will change your mind.

In ‘Do You Believe in Miracles’, ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories. Be blessed.

Inspired by a miracle in her son’s life, author Jane Finch has gathered together these testimonies to inspire believers and stir the hearts of unbelievers.

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